The Remainder is out now on One Trick Dog Records! Available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

The Remainder features a tight group of musicians working out on Parker’s originals. Vibes, guitar, bass and drums solo fluently often intertwining with each other and, of course, the leader’s alto sax. He’s fiery and yet cool with it. The bite is there but he doesn’t allow it to distort the tonal qualities of the instrument unleashing breathtaking wizardry as he races through the changes like the driver of a getaway car outrunning the law.” – Bebop Spoken Here

“He uses his contemporary, ambitious, but ultimately lovable music to win over new jazz audiences. Parker’s a highly trained, deeply skilled musician with a strong sense of respect to the jazz.” – CapitalBop

“Dude is like the Ryu of saxophonists.” – SYFFAL.com